I am a computer manager that wants to help you start such a business activity in your area, possibly in rural area, where you have prepared your FARM of plants processing. .

This project, that you wish to achieve, will definitely have an important part in growing your farm's wealth as well as that of the people in the area who intend to grow together medicinal plants. And then, think about it, your tea is very healthy. There are many people who need it. I am a technician who wishes to help you and your company by providing you with the equipment you need as well as the necessary consumables.

      Universal pulveriser – is used for grinding medicinal plants in the pharmaceutical industry of low capacity as well in the industry of vegetables, spices (hot pepper, garlic), nuts. It uses a disk equipped with knives that cuts the products, then it grinds them, pulverizes them in a sieve made of inox. This machine is very solid and easy to use with good results in the pulverization process. The pulverized products are pushed to a chamber of this machine, then they can be prepared for the packing process. It is in compliance with the international standards use, the main components being made of inox steel x SS03.
  • manufacturing capacity :30-200 kg/hour
  • powder’s size :0.015 mm.
  • no. of rotations/min= 4000
  • tension voltage:380 V
  • weight :270kg

          The automatic packing equipment - can be used for packing the ground medicinal plants as well as other products in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical fields. It uses a photoelectrical cell, intelligently designed that can count the small bags and all this time the machine does not turn off. It automatically forms the bags: it measures their size, folds them, cuts them, thermally welds them, and it may label their number. The bags are made by three-side sticking.
  • voltage tension :220 V, power 1.4 KW, weight 350 kg ;
  • the bag’s size :55-110 mm ;20-80 mm;
  • the equipment’s size:730X820X1765 mm.

  •       Equipment for covering boxes with foil - It is very easy to use, it does not need any special training, but only skill. The tea boxes are inserted into the machine, in the foil fixed into a small device, then the lid is let down and the covering process takes place in no time; quality depends on temperature; it uses 220 V, the weight is 125 Kg together with the table on which it is set. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, it needs 20-25 minutes for warming. .

          Filter paper consumables – is a special import paper.

    They can also be sold separately. We provide service, staff training and guarantee

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