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    improving your level of foreign languages

  •      The translations office works independently, providing translation and interpreting services from/into Romanian, from/into French and English.

         Our translators and interpreters are graduates of specialized faculties and moreover they are certified by the Ministry of Justice; so if you wish, your translations may be legalized by a notary office and over legalized by The Hague Convention Apostil.

         Translation and interpreting services from/into French, English, in the following fields:
  • law documents and contracts, acts, verdicts and resolutions etc.
  • economic contracts (export-import, leasing, annual balance sheet, letter of credits, invoices, customs documents)
  • promotion and advertising materials
  • personal and business correspondence, emigration files
  • technical literature and prospects, operation handbooks, technical handbooks.
  • professional sites;
  • general translations
  • commercial translations
  • literature
  • subtitling, including video movies, only educational movies (porno movies are excluded)
  • software translation
  • religious translations
  • experience with CAT tools.

         We always meet our deadlines.

  •      Depending on your choice, we can deliver your translations:
  • on paper (typed)
  • stored on magnetic support (tape, floppy, CD or DVD)
  • by e-mail
  • by fax
    You may request our professional interpreting services for: speeches in front of governmental bodies, conferences, congresses, business meetings, promotional presentations, artistic vernissages or other social events; we will be by you side to offer you prompt and qualitative interpreting services depending on your requests and budget. We undertake to meet your delivery term. We guarantee you confidentiality of your translations.

  • If you are a sworn translator and wish to join our team, will you please fill in the application form here

    or you may contact us at the mail address :

    s.c. M.A. Cristina srl. - Iasi - Tel:0040-0232 23 31 59; 0040-0724 251 860