Marketing services
By specific techniques, we help you increase your company’s sales both at national and international level

       As no one can say that he/she owns the best informational system for sales and marketing, every one is free to make/her own choice. There is a large number of companies that have come to the conclusion that they can by no means meet their economic needs by choosing a single source.

       If you made a market study together with products’ entry on the market, then our marketing office and in particular our team of specialists, may help you out with :

  • preparing the target market segment
  • identifying your competitors with similar products In this direction, we may offer you:
  • a list with the selected segment’s addresses
  • we may offer you addresses (in various activity fields) from the company’s data basis or upon your request;
  • we directly sign contracts with various partners on behalf and for your company;
  • our specialists can assist you in your strategic management as well as in the tactical one
  • if your company does not afford a Marketing department and you need a data basis for a short period of time, we guarantee that you will get it as soon as possible;
  • we do not interfere in your business, we offer you confidentiality
  • and this is due to the fact that our marketing specialists and partners are real specialists in the field; according to their life philosophy, they can and wish to serve society by their relation with the changing environment and they really want to stick to it.

    So, what is your choice? You make the choice, we look for it…we could make some suggestions to you by quoting some verses :
    "I Keep six honest serving-men
    They taught me all I knew :
    Their names are What and Where and When
    And How and Why and Who "

         Rudyard Kaipling -"The Elephant Child"

         If you are a supplier, the market’s segmenting, the business key stone, takes place at a lower level ;     

    So, what can we offer you?

  • As a marketing agency, we could book your participation to all the exhibitions organized on the whole Romanian territory as well as to those organized outside Romania.
  • Our commission includes all the opportunities and data that we will provide you;
  • For you to enter a certain market segment, by using those techniques that specialists in the field are familiar with, depending only on your financial resources, we intermediate for you all the contracts with the most famous and serious agencies in this field. And all this will require us special costs and different destinations.
  • We guarantee you the quality of our services; we may also offer specialists in the law field, translators if you are interested in.

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