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As importer, we provide you with the whole range of equipment for processing medicinal plants

      M.A. Cristina S.R.L. - was founded in 1993, starting with services in the financial-accounting field and legislative consulting in economical and marketing issues, especially for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road.

      M.A. CRISTINA S.R.L. - is founding member of the Stock Exchange from Iasi city. At the end of 1995, the company becomes the local representative and subsequently distributor of some famous factories in the preserved milk products: melted cheese, powder milk also the one for children (SIBIANA, DORNA S.A., REMETEA, CAMPULUNG MOLDOVENESC) starting this way the trade activity; expands its activity in the meat, fish, paste, vegetables and fruits fields. As sole importer of some companies with experience in manufacturing equipment for small enterprises, small companies in medicinal plants processing field, laboratories of naturist products, small factories for manufacturing dehydrated products, it also becomes tea bags manufacturer.
       The manufacturing department TEA- uses high-quality raw matter from ecological areas that aims at expanding to other markets in Europe, Asia, United States of America etc. We aim at manufacturing only high-quality products; we always look for new products to meet our customers' expectations. Our partners are most welcomed; we are open to new partnerships. Contact us and you will see it, we are a partner close to your needs.

Medicinal plants
Known since the oldest
times as healing plants,
they have good results in
curing various diseases.
such as: asthma, wounds,
bronchitis, tension, sciatica, influenza, cold, digestive


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ceutical products that will
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