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      Aging is a phenomenon that can be controlled and prevented since childhood by means of the clay existing in Padurea Craiului Mountains.

       In 1952, dr. Ana Aslan founded the Institute of Geriatrics Bucharest, recording two medicines against aging: "Gerovital" and "Aslavital". These medicines have in their composition procaine hydroclorate, benzoic acid, pyridoxine hydroclorate ("Aslavital"), procaine hydroclorate benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfite and dibasic sodium phosphate ("Gerovital H3") - (Agenda Medicala '98). For both medicines, the therapeutical action and advice for cure are almost the same as the clay’s ones. Clay prevents diseases and at the same time cures other diseases. These diseases were mentioned in the two editions of the book "The miracles of using rock of natural clay in curing diseases".

      I consider the cosmetic products "Aslavital", the nutritive supplement "Farmec Vital" and the cosmetic powder "Aslavital" to be geriatric.

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       The brands “Farmec Vital" and "Aslavital" are registered at O.S.I.M. Bucharest. I know that clay is miraculous earth that exercises complex healthy actions on the entire human body, turning out to be a remarkable tropism for disease in general and for some diseases in particular (with an extraordinary antitoxic power), intensifying the body’s defensive forces. Thus in 1995 we registered the first Patent proposal: "The cure method of some dermatologic diseases". Together with the inventors’ team, we received Patent no. 119120, with validity term since February 20, 1995 till February 20, 2015.

       By perseverance, on the basis of our own research and that carried out by other specialists, in 1999, we registered another Patent proposal: "Clay-based composition and cure method". The patent approved under no. 118259, with validity term since July 15, 1999 till July 15, 2019 includes the cure methods applied in hepatic diseases, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, in tuberculosis, rachitis, alcoholism, nicotinism (body’s disinfection of nicotine and tars), in body’s remineralization, in neuropsychiatry diseases, dermatoses, vaginal diseases and in geriatrics. Both patents were registered at O.S.I.M., when in Romania the clay treatments were not familiar. O.S.I.M. Bucharest registered other proposals of getting invention patents that included prevention and cure methods of some diseases, for delaying the aging process: "The powder for cosmetic and therapeutic applications" (1999) and "Aluminum silicates- based powder composition” (2002).

       Due to its polyvalent proprieties and qualities, clay stimulates, revitalizes and regenerates deep deficient organs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, stomach etc. It captures drains and eliminates the impurities from tissues, blood and lymph, regenerating blood, neutralizes and eliminates toxins by cleaning the entire body, taking to the internal medium and cells all those minerals vital for the body, defending it and preventing any diseases. Clay eliminates toxins from the body and more than that it stimulates “the immunity system”, the organ may become less sensitive to toxins (in the past, clay was used for curing syphilis).

       Clay stimulates the immunity system to protect itself from the diseases caused by exposure to noxious substances which gather in the digestive tract. Such stares are related to stomach, small intestine, colon, gastric burning, nausea, acid indigestion, ulcer, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, viral, alimentary, intestinal, parasite infections, post alimentary allergies, colitis, ulcerative colitis, rectal fissures, transit deregulations etc. It calms the stomach membrane, by absorbing gases, eliminates smells (functioning as deodorant), toxins in stomach, by absorption, neutralizing the bacteria which resulted out of the proteins’ by means of some microorganisms existing in the small intestine. These microorganisms are destroyed and eliminated from the organism without secondary effects, the clay being ready to absorb other organic as well as inorganic substances.

       From the bacteriologic perspective, clay is used for purifying the organism of viruses.

       The human body biologic functions need certain minerals in ionic state. These elements are essential for life. From this point of view, we need to evaluate the basis minerals content that can be found in the active clay substance. Due to the rich and diversified minerals content, which contains proteins, this clay can be considered to be a valuable nutritive protein supplement which also has extraordinary proprieties with respect to nutrition and health, by recharging the organism cells with vital energy, revitalizing them.

       The clay under colloidal solution form (water existing on clay) helps blood circulation, cerebral circulation, the nervous cell metabolism, reduces cholesterol, hypertension and glycemia, contributes to the adjustment of sugar in blood, being important for keeping a balance between sodium, calcium and potassium. It adjusts the endocrine glands activity, metabolism, the digestive apparatus and liver functions, prevents and dissolves the renal and biliary stones, eliminates chronic tiredness, stress, headaches and influences the musculature’s excitability.

       In the areas where the atmosphere is polluted by the gases and dust relieved by the preparation works chimneys, furnaces, by some factories producing chemical substances, the gases relieved by exhaust pipes, it prevents the organism from getting intoxicated with heavy metals, sulfides, sulphur peroxide. It disintoxicates the organism of nicotine and tars. It limits the discomfort caused by allergy by neutralizing the allergen agents. It is highly important especially due to the fact that it eliminates and destroys the unhealthy cells and activates the regeneration of the remaining ones. Clay is a natural product without any supplements and has the following qualities and properties: it remineralizes, causes physical regeneration, anti-toxic, anti-septic, bactericide, cicatrizing, it has adsorbent and absorbent, reepitelizing, hypotensor, antimicotics, antitumour, anticonvulsivant, antidiabetics, energizing, antidepressive properties, it has antiallergic antiacetilcolinic, anti non-heterogeneous, anesthesiatic and sexual functions control actions. Due to its natural minerals, it prevents the cells’ aging process (there where the calcium and magnesium are involved in all the cellular activities), participating in the cellular oxide-reduction processes. The above mentioned facts are certified by researchers from United States of America, France, Germany in the studied bibliography.

      The tooth paste "Asla-Med", which has clay in its composition, prevents the marginal paradontium aging. The easiest forms of paradontal aging, the chronic microbial gingivitis that can be followed by the deep paradont disease that is demineralization and alveolar bone absorption. Clay disinfects the oral cavity, mineralizes gums, avoids the gingival pruritus, , alveolar pyorrhea, swelling, bleeding at dental brushing.

      Due to the minerals existing in clay’s composition, gums strengthen – the bonny support – eliminating teeth mobility, dental pains at roots level, regenerating tissues and mastication disorders. This tooth paste has also other qualities and properties, removing depositions of stone and nicotine on teeth, due to its absorbing properties, leaving teeth bright white and oral cavity without any smell.

       By its remineralizing, antiseptic, bactericide, cicatrizing, antimicotics, antitumour, antiinflamming, of physical regeneration qualities and properties, clay works by ingestion, compresses and cataplasms application on endogenous and exogenous risk factors, in dermatologic and tegument diseases

Endogenous factors:

      The endogenous factor - Can appear in the dermatologic diseases aetiology by programming the collagen and elastin synthesis deficiencies and their association with HLA haplotypes. The elastin shortage – the reduced synthesis will cause the skin’s premature wear as well as trophic disorders such as varix and ulcer, hemorrhoids, vergeture. The genetic factor influences the clinic aspect, distribution, injuries’ length and clinic manifestations extent. Genotypes cause the tissues structure and color, elasticity, turgon, as well as adjustment to various environment factors.

      The psychic factor - The stress can disturb the energetic equilibrium at the level of meridians where it had a greater impact; this way sadness attacks the lungs, under circumstances of energetic shortage it causes a critical breathing which will eventually lead to skin’s drying and implicitly to wrinkles, sores etc. Clay plays an important role in the body’s energetic rebalancing, providing it with all the necessary chemical elements that any healthy individual need.

Exogenous factors:

       Nourishment is one of the main energetic sources of the body. The skin can also be regarded as a nourishment mirror, the disequilibrium between the main types of food causing obvious modifications of the cellular metabolism:
  • the food rich in animal fat and refined sugar favor acne complexion and alopecia;
  • meat- based nourishment, by the sexual hormones increase cause trophic disorders that cause more frequent chances for eczemas, desquamations, increased distribution of hair;
  • the food poor in vegetable fibers common constipation and favors the absorption of certain toxic products that influence skin’s metabolism in a negative way;

          In the light of these observations, the somatopsychic recovery is also related to reconsidering the macrobiotic naturist nourishment principles based on naturist products, medicinal plants and especially on clay.

          Physical factors - – The skin, an organ that separates the internal medium from the external one, is submitted to the action of a series of physical factors from the external medium that play a good or bad role for body’s health. The cosmic radiations such as ultraviolet, ultra-sound radiations etc work at the level of skin’s various structures; the actinic radiations produce an acceleration of the cellular multiplication leading to skin’s precocious desquamation, causing lesions of inflaming character, sunburn, and in case of repeated exposure, they may even become risk factors in skin’s cancer.

          The chemical factors - Detergents, cosmetic products, lotions, creams, perfumes by inappropriate use may cause local and sometimes general disequilibrium observed in the codification of oil-water or lipids- water ratio, affecting skin’s protective lipid film and eventually leading to eczemas, dermatitis and also to wrinkles.

          "Aslavital" product line is a new hypoallergic anti-age line, which has in its composition clay from Padurea Craiului Mountains. Each of the 16 types is individually patented. From the qualitative point of view, they have the following effects: they improve the deep wrinkles and eliminate the superior ones, increase elasticity, they have no competitors in terms of facial regenerator, they tonify face skin and attract toxins at the surface, eliminating any trace of stress, smoke, neutralizing noxious enzymes and activating the good ones, giving a sleek, velvet-like and slightly perfumed aspect to the skin. This product line has calming, anti-inflaming effects; it prevents the cutaneous aging process generated by free radicals, improving the oxygen exchange in tissues. We recommend "Aslavital" product line for attenuating the aspect of those teguments which lost their elasticity due to pregnancy or sudden loss of weight.

    When I wake up in the morning
    I put some clay on my face
    And then I whole-heartedly spring
    Out of earth.

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